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San Francisco Shooting of Kathryn Steinle leads to Murder Charge

October 1, 2015

Judge Brendan Conroy recently ordered a Jury Trial after hearing “enough evidence” during the preliminary trial of Kathryn Steinle’s death. This case involves Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal immigrant, who shot Ms. Steinle’s in the back while she was walking along the waterfront this past summer. Mr. Lopez-Sanchez admitted to firing the gun, but said it was on accident. The gun, however, did not belong to him – it was registered to a ranger from the Bureau of Land Management and was reported stolen a month earlier.

The shooting triggered a national debate over immigration after it was revealed that the Sheriff’s Department had released Lopez-Sanchez despite a federal request to detain him for possible deportation. Lopez-Sanchez was previously deported five times.

This case has all presidential candidates weighing in on border issues and police procedures regarding illegal immigrants.

The family has filed claims against the Bureau of Land Management due to negligence in leaving a loaded gun unattended in the Ranger’s car, San Francisco’s Sheriff Department and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Mr. Lopez-Sanchez has pleaded not guilty, but was charged with murder and will be back in court December 15th.

Ogletree Deakins Selects Courtroom Insight for Litigation Knowledge Management

September 16, 2015

We are excited to announce that Ogletree Deakins, a global labor and employment law firm, chose us as their litigation knowledge management solution.

Patrick DiDomenico, Ogletree Deakins’ Director of Knowledge Management, said, “Courtroom Insight’s knowledge management application is a natural fit for us. Their product allows us to leverage our firm’s experience, which takes the guesswork out of hiring or opposing litigation professionals.  The efficiencies we gain from this directly benefit our clients by maintaining budget certainty while continuing to deliver high-quality legal services.”

Our CEO, Mark Torchiana, said, “It is exciting to work with such a forward-thinking and innovative firm that uses technology in ways that deliver value for clients.  Ogletree Deakins’ input has been invaluable in shaping and improving our solution and we look forward to a long, collaborative relationship with the firm.”

Please find the full press release here.

ILTA’s Peer to Peer Magazine

August 26, 2015

I’m happy to share ILTA’s 2015 Peer to Peer Magazine. Our CEO, Mark Torchiana, weighed in on one article titled “Which business process should legal organizations improve immediately for long-term success?”. Please find the link to the magazine and article below. We look forward to attending the International Legal Technology Association Conference next week.

ILTA Magazine


Courtroom Insight Announces Expert Witness Search Services

August 18, 2015

We are excited to announce that custom expert witness search is now available. Attorneys who lack sufficient time or resources to locate and vet exceptional experts may request free, targeted referrals of quality expert witnesses.  This new service is offered to entire law firms and individual users through our partnership with a leading expert search firm.

The service builds upon the Courtroom Insight Expert Witness Directory which provides valuable information about professional expertise.   Visit Courtroom Insight to learn more about our suite of Expert Witness products and services, including:


Innovation in Law Firms versus Legal Departments

August 6, 2015

“Most big law firms today… [are] based on a partnership model that is criticized as archaic and clunky, billing for time that could have been better spent if processes were streamlined as the rest of the world seemingly moves forward.” Legal departments, on the other hand, are often on the cutting edge of technology, adapting quickly to the way businesses are run. We have seen an increase in technology usage at law firms, e-discovery for example, however the adoption and integration is moving at a slow pace. BTI Consulting found that 9% “more law firms are using technology as a source of innovation in 2015.”

Due to firms’ lack of adoption, companies are looking in house. Legal departments have the capability to work much more closely with their business operations counterparts to collaborate and invent solutions that will benefit their clients. However, collaboration should be at the forefront of innovation in both law firms and legal departments. Vendors and departments, alike, need to communicate and innovate together. “[We] need the vendors to work together so that when X product comes out with a new update, they are delivering a solution that works in that application. It’s not about email or systems like that, it is what knowledge products that we can deliver and how we are able to mine that data to provide an even better service to our clients.”

Source: Legaltech news

5 Disrupting Forces Shaping the Legal Landscape

July 17, 2015

The recent Legaltech West Coast panel “Disruption: Five Forces Shaping the Legal Landscape has got people talking. The following were the highlights of this discussion:

  1. E-discovery – we can walk around the vendor circle and quickly note that E-discovery has become the biggest thing to hit the legal industry. However, this panel focused on the role of people in E-discovery. Clients are seizing control of the process and hiring dedicated teams solely for E-discovery. Now it’s not just about keeping the firm happy, but also making sure the client’s standards are met as well.
  2. No surprise that this disruption also concerns E-discovery, however, the second point is about the ever-changing technology. The way that data is collected is evolving and there’s got to be a point when you decide how much information is too much. Data has to be complete, but “relevant and proportional” at the same time.
  3. Another major disruption comes in the form of education, technology and attorneys. Federal rules now state that an attorney is held responsible for being “familiar with the dangers and the benefits with technology”. This issue has trickled down to law schools who must now integrate e-discovery and technology into all courses and curriculum.
  4. Money and form of payment has caused quite a disruption in recent years. Clients have their own ideas about pricing and firms need to adjust.
  5. Globalization of industries has given law firms a wider scope of issues to consider. Different languages, views, foreign laws and technology all play a role in a case and all factors must be dealt with.

For more information, visit Legaltech News.

Recent Review Highlights Hon. Philip Cortese’s Poor Tactics

July 1, 2015

Hon. Philip Cortese, a New York judge was recently reviewed on Courtroom Insight. This judge was rated 1.0 out of 5.0 in every category (legal ability, objectivity and impartiality, communication skills and demeanor).  Here’s an excerpt of the review:

Review of New York Judge Philip Cortese

Fonda, NY

Judge Cortese has consistently shown a pattern of ruling in a manner preventing one from receiving full, fair, or impartial treatment.

Mr. Cortese faihfully does not adhere to the oath he took for office nor does he pursue justice. The problem here is nobody will stand up to him publicly or they are put at great risk if they ever have to appear in front of him again.

Visit Courtroom Insight for more information on this (and many more) State and Federal Judges.


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