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Consequences of Perjury

March 12, 2013

The consequences of perjury by an expert witness is not unheard of. Take the case of John Lloyd, who is now charged with perjury for lying about his credentials and misrepresentation of academic standing for his testimony in various child abuse cases. Lloyd stated his expertise includes biomechanics, and provides a rate of $300/hour.

Specifically, Lloyd stated he was a “professor of medicine” at the University of South Florida College of Medicine. However, the interim chair at the institution told investigators that Lloyd is not now nor has he ever been a professor of medicine there and they are in the process of issuing a cease-and-desist letter to Lloyd regarding his claims.

Lloyd’s testimony in a recent child abuse case assisted the defense in receiving a 4 year prison sentence for aggravated child abuse, rather than a 30-year sentence. Even if Lloyd is convicted of perjury, prosecutors cannot appeal Timothy Foxworth’s 4 year conviction sentence.

“There is no way to go back and unring that bell and retry him,” said Prosecutor Jennifer Hawkins.

It is important to research every credential on an expert’s CV, for reasons of perjury. Not only has perjury discredited Lloyd, but his actions may also impact his employers. It is unknown as of now if the defense attorney will face criminal charges for hiring Lloyd, but hopefully other attorneys take this into consideration when doing a background check on potential experts, and experts in turn remain honest regarding their credentials.


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