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Featured Document and Handwriting Expert Witness

November 18, 2010
Expert Witness: Curt Baggett

Expert Witness: Curt Baggett

Name: Curt Baggett

Company: Expert Document Examiner

Location: Richardson, TX

Specialty: Document Examiner, Handwriting

Overall Rating: 5


Profile description provided by expert: “Only Forensic Document Examiner in USA who has examined and/or testified in every state of the USA and over a dozen foreign countries. Completed over 3500 cases in the last 12 years.”

Mr. Baggett is included in the expert witness directory as a forensic service provider with 25 years of experience providing printed document and handwriting analysis.  A fellow expert witness posted a stellar review of Mr. Baggett’s professional experience by emphatically proclaiming “He gets the job done!” and “Curt’s background is phenomenal.”  Be sure to check out Mr. Baggett’s expert witness profile for more information and the complete performance review:

Expert Witness Profile for Curt Baggett


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