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Law Firms Fail to Track Internal Knowledge Regarding Experts, Mediators and Arbitrators

December 7, 2010

In the aggregate, law firms possess a wealth of information regarding individuals’ experiences working with (and against) expert witnesses, mediators and arbitrators.  Unfortunately, even the largest firms fail to adequately track and share such information.  Some specific attorney complaints I’ve heard recently include:

“I was surprised to learn that the expert witness I was cross-examining was previously retained by a different office within my firm.”  – Litigator at 250 person law firm

“I am tired of reading through 10-12 emails per day seeking information on experts, mediators and arbitrators.” – Litigator at 400 person law firm

“I think outside counsel spends too much time and money searching for experts.” – General Counsel

Firms can greatly benefit from tapping into their members’ vast reservoir of knowledge regarding these important litigation service providers.  However, developing internal knowledge management systems can be expensive and difficult to implement.  In response to this concern, Courtroom Insight’s law firm subscription leverages our existing online platform and provides custom features directly to law firm members.  Additional information about this product is available here.

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