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Why should attorneys write reviews on Courtroom Insight?

January 5, 2011

There is no question that expert witness testimony and contributions from litigation consultants directly impact the outcome of litigation.  Similarly, the selection of a mediator and/or arbitrator will also make a dramatic difference to the length and resolution of a case.  Therefore, attorneys, paralegals and research librarians typically perform a significant amount of time researching these important individuals.

Until now, there has never been an opportunity to publicly describe these individuals’ performance on specific engagements.  Over 1,000 professionals have registered with Courtroom Insight in order to gather and share valuable information about these legal professionals.  The benefits of contributing reviews include the following:

  • Reward those individuals who have helped you achieve successful outcomes for you and your clients.
  • Help segregate those individuals practicing “junk science” or otherwise not living up to the ethical standards of their profession.
  • Maintain easy access to a detailed record of your personal experiences working with legal professionals.

By writing reviews, you will be contributing to the shared knowledge of the legal community from which we all benefit.


For a quick tutorial about how to write a review, click the following link to visit our recent post titled Review an Expert, Mediator or Arbitrator – How to Video

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