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Attn Attorneys: Reviews of 3 Mediators – William Hartgering, John McGlynn and Jerry Spolter

March 21, 2011

Last week three new reviews of mediators were posted on Courtroom Insight.  First up an anonymous attorney reviewed a mediation with William Hartgering.  The attorney reported that he/she would not hire Mr. Hartgering again due to his experience where “this mediator did not push the other side more during the course of mediation.”  The attorney goes on to say:

This mediator, although good-natured and well-intentioned, lacks a forceful personality.  So, whichever side is more difficult and less compromising can obtain a better result because he will not push them hard.

This review provides some excellent inside information and is a must-read for any attorney in the Chicago area.  To see the complete review of mediator William Hartgering, click the link below:

Review of Chicago mediator William Hartgering


The second review was also received by an anonymous attorney.  The attorney describes two experiences working with mediator John McGlynn for elder abuse cases.  He/she rates Mr. McGlynn as a 5.0 out of 5.0 for every available metric and notes that he is “tenacious and professional”.  The attorney “highly recommends” this mediator so be sure to check out the complete evaluation (including contact information for Mr. McGlynn) by clicking the link below:

Review of San Francisco mediator John McGlynn


Finally, an attorney reviewer evaluated mediator Jerry Spolter last week.  The attorney worked with Mr. Spolter for the mediation of a personal injury case involving a very serious brain injury.  Mr. Spolter was also rated as 5.0 out of 5.0 for every available question.  The attorney goes on to say:

Jerry is very knowledgeable in personal injury law and has tremendous people skills.  He worked tirelessly for more than 12 hours to reach a settlement in the case.  I would highly recommend him.

This is definitely a review worth checking out so visit the:

Review of San Francisco mediator Jerry Spolter

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