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Courtroom Insight Reviewed and Commended in Recent Article

July 7, 2011

“Courtroom Insight: Helping Expert Witnesses and Neutrals to Market Services” by William Moran appeared in the Summer 2011 edition of Dunn on Damages—The Economic Damages Report for Litigators and Experts.  Mr. Moran is a freelance writer and college professor in Florida, and is a former American Institute of Certified Public Accountants editor and writer.  His AICPA contributions involved publications dedicated to business valuation and litigation services, as well as the Journal of Accountancy.

The recent Moran article appearing in Dunn on Damages describes and comments upon the design features of the Courtroom Insight website.  Then, it summarizes and evaluates the findings of a survey conducted by Everett Harry, CI President, which was published in the Winter 2010 issue of CPA Expert, an AICPA publication.  The Harry survey addressed how experts market their services, as well as what resources attorneys use to locate and assess an expert, either before engagement or as an opposing expert to be cross-examined.  Mr. Moran melds these two broad topics by analyzing whether Courtroom Insight meets the identified needs of experts and attorneys.  A couple example findings by Mr. Moran appear below.

“Courtroom Insight provides experts and neutrals a unique opportunity to market their expertise …”

“Access to this (Courtroom Insight) information helps legal professionals and those who engage them to achieve the most successful outcomes for clients.”

The Dunn on Damages journal is published quarterly and is available by subscription at  To receive a courtesy copy of Mr. Moran’s article, please email your request to

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