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Second review of Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Maria Stratton

August 17, 2011

Another review of Judge Maria Stratton was recently posted at Courtroom Insight!  The Los Angeles County judge was rated by an anonymous reviewer who commented that:

Judge Maria Stratton was in the mental health courts and the time. Judge Maria Stratton conspired with a blatantly malicious prosecution and gleefully involved herself in a conspiracy to thwart due process and to obstruct justice in the most egregious of ways. She directed doctors to falsify reports and broke all laws and ignored all due process to assist her cronies. Judge Maria Stratton is an enemy of the constitution. She has zero regard for justice and is willing to destroy innocent defendants by jailing them and even attempting to get them committed to insane asylums if they insist on a trial. Judge Maria Stratton is a vicious amoral criminal who uses her power for ill. She terrorized and devastated the lives of innocent people and she did so with a creepy grin on her ugly mug.

The commenter continues on, so click here to read the rest of this review of Judge Stratton.

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  1. David permalink
    August 22, 2014 11:54 am

    I completely disagree with all of the negative comments about Judge Stratton. She is a hard working, intelligent jurist, who serves the community well. Unfortunately, the mental health courts are a no-win game. It is not just a matter of balancing equities. It is impossible to satisfy the court’s mandate to protect the public and allow individuals who are a danger to themselves and the public to be free to injure others.

  2. ddd permalink
    April 14, 2012 3:47 pm

    Judge Maria Stratton’s presence on the bench is a tragedy. Now Judge Maria Stratton has been appointed to some task force on mental health by the Chief Justice. This too is a true tragedy. Judge Maria Stratton is a notoriously evil and corrupt hag who terrorized criminal defendants when she held court in Division 95 of the Mental Health Courts. I heard she was moved to civil and thought this was great as she could not iflict the same amount of damage there.

    If very sane and innocent defendants would’t plea and please her cronies in the criminal courts, enter Judge Maria Stratton. She would take care of them. She’d jail them without any legal basis, she’d even commit them to Patton if that was necesary.
    Judge Maria Stratton is a depraved sociopath masqerading as some powerful leader or respectable judge. Everyone knows how evil and ruthless she is but is too scared to do anything. The fact that she has now been appointed to some task force on mental health issues is a cause for public concern and I will have to make the public know, asap,cause this is really scary.
    Judge Maria Stratton is a dangerous maniac who needs to be exposed and unbenched. And, this will happen. Mark my words.

  3. juopos permalink
    February 3, 2012 9:59 am

    The commenter is speaking the truth. Judge Maria Stratton is a danger to society. She is abuses power in ways that no one would believe are possible in America.
    Judge Maria Stratton would try to get innocent and very sane defendants committed to insane asylums when she lorded over Division 95 in the criminal courts building.
    It is very concievable that such a ruthless and hungry for power woman, Judge Maria Stratton, will run for office someday and it is my duty to inform the public that this woman is a mean and lawless monster who long ago should have been unbenched.
    I implore anyone reading this to investigate this Judge. She needs to be exposed and to lose her power to destroy the lives of good and law abiding individuals.

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