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Courtroom Insight officially announces addition of judge directory!

November 15, 2011

As you’ve seen here on the blog, Courtroom Insight recently expanded its expert and mediator/arbitrator directories to include a third directory of federal and state judges.  Attorneys and other website users may post reviews of their experiences presenting before these judges so colleagues may be better prepared when entering the courtroom.  Now that we have accumulated profiles of over 17,700 judges, Courtroom Insight is pleased to officially announce the addition of the judge directory!

The complete press release which went out this morning is copied below:

Courtroom Insight Directories Expand to Include U.S. Federal and State Court Judges

Courtroom Insight launches their judge directory featuring more than 17,700 professionals

San Francisco, CA – November 15, 2011 – Courtroom Insight, Inc., the largest online directory offering attorney reviews of experts, mediators and arbitrators, today announced the addition of their judge directory (

This new directory features profiles of more than 17,700 judges, including state judges from California, New York, Illinois, Texas and Florida, as well as all judges and justices from the federal bench.  Currently, twenty-eight states and the District of Columbia are listed, and Courtroom Insight representatives expect the remainder of the directory to be completed in the next few months.

The judge profiles offer important, easy-to-access information such as the judge’s title, a direct link to judicial biographies or court websites, and court contact information.  Attorneys and other website users may submit reviews that assess courtroom management skills, administrative preferences, and any perceived judicial biases which will help colleagues better prepare for the courtroom.

Mark Torchiana, CEO of Courtroom Insight, commented “I am pleased to see Courtroom Insight continue to grow as a company and resource.  The addition of a judge directory allows us to better assist the legal community and further our progress as the leading source of reviews and information about legal professionals.”

About Courtroom Insight, Inc.

Courtroom Insight ( is the largest online directory featuring attorney reviews of expert witnesses, litigation consultants, mediators, arbitrators and judges.  Additionally, its knowledge management software helps attorneys save time and money by providing easy access to profile information and private reviews of legal service providers.  Courtroom Insight was founded in 2009, and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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