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Featured Economic Damages Expert Witness

February 6, 2012

Name: George Fruehan

Company: Numbers Talk

Location: El Cerrito, CA

Specialty: Economic Damages Expert Witness

Overall Rating: N/A


Profile description provided by expert witness George Fruehan:

Expert testimony on economic damages and on technical issues.  Analysis resulting in depositions and testimony in federal and state courts. Issues include: lost profits; valuation of contract damages; projections and historic studies of revenue and costs; patent, trademark and copyright damages; software valuation; disputes over hardware and software performance; investigation for fraud; forensic accounting; evaluation of appropriate personnel compensation and calculation of lost wages.

Mr. Fruehan is included in the expert witness directory as a lost profits expert witness who has over 25 years of experience.  His prior experience includes:

Expert testimony in U.S. District Courts, state and local courts, arbitrations, and depositions. Courtroom expert testimony in California.

Be sure to check out Mr. Fruehan’s expert witness profile for more information:

Expert Witness Profile for George Fruehan

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