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Reviewer Gives Mediator/Arbitrator, Alfred G. Chiantelli, a Perfect Score

February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012

by Kim Harris

tags: Mediator, Arbitrator, Mediator/Arbitrator Directory


A Courtroom Insight user recently posted an extremely positive review of Mediator/Arbitrator, Alfred G. Chiantelli. Mr. Chiantelli is based in San Francisco and was hired as a mediator for a case involving claims for damage to work-in-process as well as lost business income due to a fire.

The reviewer, an expert witness in the case, awarded Mr. Chiantelli a 5.0 out of 5.0 rating for all qualities including legal ability, integrity and objectivity, and judicial management. The expert witness also commended the amount of time that Mr. Chiantelli devoted to preparing for the mediation, noting that the extra time was positively accounted for through his excellent work:

“Chiantelli spent several hours in the morning reviewing the facts and legal issues, particularly as identified in the mediation statements and related documentary evidence.  While this effort seemed protracted, it paid dividends later in the day as Chiantelli demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the claims and was able to provide realistic assessments to the parties.”

According to the review, the case reached settlement just a few days after the scheduled mediation and this reviewer stated that he/she would recommend or hire Mr. Chiantelli in the future.

To read the complete review of Albert G. Chiantelli please click here.

If you have worked with any mediators or arbitrators lately, let us know how it went by posting your review in the mediator/arbitrator directory.

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