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Rising Status of Forensic Handwriting Expert Beth Chrisman

April 17, 2012

Forensic document examiner Beth Chrisman has appeared in court, both on and off the television set. For the past two years she has appeared on the courtroom television shows Swift Justice with Nancy Grace, Judge Karen, Swift Justice with Jackie Glass, as well as consulted on Judge Joe Brown’s staff. Her fame picked up after she moved from Texas to Los Angeles four years ago, and she has become a court qualified handwriting expert in Ventura, Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles County Superior Courts as well as the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois. Her skills as a handwriting expert are aptly applied to cases involving forgery, fraud, alterations, and “robo-signing” fraud from mortgage companies. Reviewers have noted her success as a handwriting expert come from her poise and assertiveness on the stand:

“Not only was Beth prepared ahead of time, she also was able to improvise and provide clear, articulated opinions on the spot… she always finds a way to convey complex ideas and give her expert opinion with simplicity and clarity. I will hire her again and again.” –Swift Justice Producer, Jessica Guerra

Ms. Chrisman’s ability to convey her detailed findings in a concise manner to an untrained jury makes her useful for day-time television as well as court cases with big law firms. Having an effective expert witness can be a crucial aspect to make an attorney’s case, or hammer home a key idea.

“I have to say the fact that the trial attorneys know I am a seasoned court qualified expert witness, is the key reason I get referrals and hired again by the same law firms.” Stated Beth Chrisman

If you have experience working with Ms. Chrisman, please feel free to leave a review on her profile. While you’re logged into your Courtroom Insight account, be sure to search the directory for other expert witnesses, mediators and arbitrators who have received reviews from colleagues and attorneys or create your own reviews!


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