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Verdicts for Google v. Oracle Trial, Phase 1

May 10, 2012

According to reporter Ginny LaRoe, who has been following the Google v. Oracle case in court these past few weeks, the verdict of the trial’s first phase plays to both sides. Neither Google nor Oracle reign victorious, but each win parts of the battle.

The jury trial disputing copyright infringement for smartphones is conducted in the courtroom of U.S. District Judge William Alsup. On Monday, the jury found that Google infringed the structure, sequence and organization of copyrighted works. However, Google’s lead counsel moved for mistrial because the jury did not come up with a definitive verdict of whether or not Google made fair use of Java technology in its Android operating system


“Given the law on fair use and affirmative defenses, you cannot receive a partial verdict on question one,” said Van Nest, of Keker & Van Nest. Oracle lead counsel Michael Jacobs of Morrison & Foerster said he would save his arguments for the briefs, which will be filed this week. He will be asking for Alsup to rule, as a matter of law, that Google’s fair use defense fails. Google also is seeking judgment as a matter of law.

As for Oracle’s victory, nine lines of computer code made all the difference:

The jury found that Google’s use of something called rangeCheck method infringed Java copyrights. Oracle acquired Java’s creator, Sun Microsystems Inc., in 2010.

To reach these verdicts, the jury deliberated for over four days. Minutes after delivering the verdict, Judge Alsup kept the trial moving, with Oracle’s lead counsel giving a 45 minute opening on the two patents Oracle says Google infringed.


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