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Attn Attorneys: Reviews of 3 Judges – William Lafferty, Rachel Bringer and William E. Alberty

October 16, 2012

Below are excerpts from three reviews of judges that were posted on Courtroom Insight in the past week. To read the reviews, click on the links below or visit us at!


Hon. Willaim Lafferty: 5/5

Federal Court, Northern District of California.

The first review was received by an anonymous reviewer, noting that the review is based on experiences with the judge in a bankruptcy case. The reviewer gave high marks of 5/5 stars for each question regarding the judge’s legal abilities and courtroom management. The reviewer writes:

He exercised appropriate independent judgement in analyzing the case facts, and provided clear rationale for his decisions.

To read the full review and further learn how the reviewer scored Hon. Lafferty, click the link below:

Review of San Francisco Judge William Lafferty


Hon. Rachel Bringer: 2.5/5

Missouri Circuit Court

The second review was received by an anonymous criminal defense attorney who has appeared before Hon. Rachel Bringer on several occasions. He/she indicates that Judge Bringer is “prosecutor friendly”. Although the reviewer gave Bringer high marks on courtroom management criteria, he/she was scattered in allotment of stars for demeanor and judgement criteria.

Judge Bringer is a smart woman…in fact, she often takes control. Her voice raises to almost a scream when sentencing a defendant.

Review of Missouri Judge Rachel Bringer


Hon. William E. Alberty: 5/5

Missouri Circuit Court

The third review is written by an anonymous attorney who appeared before Judge Alberty in a criminal case. Along with high marks on for the “very fair and knowledgeable” judge, the reviewer writes:

I had a very difficult client that ultimately did not show up for trial. Judge Alberty allowed me to withdraw with a record made of my difficulties.

Review of Missouri Judge William E. Alberty

To read more reviews for Judges, Mediators, Arbitrators, Expert Witnesses and resources, go to and search for legal professionals in your area!

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