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Featured Expert Witness: DNA Expert Mehul B. Anjaria

November 12, 2012

Name: Mehul B. Anjaria

Company: MBA DNA Consulting, LLC

Location: Beverly Hills, CA

Specialty: Laboratories, DNA

Overall Rating: N/A


According to profile descriptions provided by Mr. Anjaria:

Mr. Anjaria is an Experienced Analyst, Consultant, Laboratory Director, DNA Technical Leader, Public Speaker, and Expert Witness. Experience includes public/private sectors and work with prosecution and defense.

Mr. Anjaria specializes in assisting criminal defense attorneys in understanding the DNA evidence in their cases and effectively presenting a defense. He can assist by framing a cross-examination, observing DNA testing, reviewing casefiles, and providing unique insight via critical thinking of the overall meaning, strength, and limitations of forensic evidence.

Mr. Anjaria is a Forensic Scientist with 16 years of experience. As a DNA analyst in the public sector he rose to the rank of DNA Technical Leader. He has the unique experience of co-founding, validating, and directing a private forensic DNA laboratory.

Education and prior work experiences:

Mr. Anjaria earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of Illinois-Chicago before starting his forensic career in California where he completed a Master of Science degree in Criminalistics with thesis work on mitochondrial DNA.

Current Position: Founder and Chief Consultant
at MBA DNA Consulting, LLC

Prior Experience: Co-founder, Laboratory Director, Technical Leader (Human Identification Technologies, Inc.)

More information:

Have you worked with Mr. Anjaria on a case recently?  Or do you know an attorney who is looking for an expert witness with Mr. Anjaria’s specialties?  Visit his profile page by clicking below to write a review about your experience with Mr. Anjaria or to forward his information on to your colleagues. His profile includes his CV, contact information, professional background information and much more!

Profile of Expert Witness Mehul B. Anjaria

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