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Zimmerman Murder Trial’s Potential Audio Expert

May 30, 2013

The murder trial of George Zimmerman is set to begin next month. We mentioned in a previous post that the case concerns the Feb. 26, 2012 killing of teenager Trayvon Martin by Zimmerman, a Florida neighborhood watch volunteer. The defense’s strategy is to argue Zimmerman acted in self-defense under the “Stand Your Ground Law”.

Zimmerman must prove that his life was threatened by Martin, which the defense plans to refute using state audio expert, Alan Reich. Reich will play the 911 call made by a neighbor, and is expected to testify that in the background Martin can be heard saying, “I’m begging you.

The evidence brought by the audio expert will suggest that Zimmerman did not shoot out of fear for his life. Rather, he had the upper hand and chose to shoot.

“Trayvon Martin did not have a gun,” Crump [an attorney for Martin’s family] said . “Trayvon Martin did not get out of his car and chase anyone. Trayvon Martin did not shoot and kill anyone.”

Florida Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson will hold a hearing June 6 to determine whether Reich used scientifically accepted techniques.

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