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Featured Hospitality Expert Witness

July 2, 2013

Name: Kenneth C. Free

Company: Straightline Hotel Advisors

Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

Specialty: Accommodation and food services


Expert witness profile description provided by Mr. Free:

Typical assignments for this expert involve Financial Feasibility, Economic Damages, Lost Profits, Management and Franchise Agreements, Brand Affiliation Issues, Standards of Care, and Hotel Operations. Kenneth Free is a highly credible resource who carries broad and deep knowledge of the hotel business and associated enterprises. His perspectives derive from authentic experiences, tempered by an appreciation for the academic and legal concepts pertinent to expert witness assignments.

Mr. Free is listed in Courtroom Insight’s expert witness directory as a forensic service provider with 39 years of hospitality experience.  He founded and is the key principal of Straightline Hotel Advisors, an advisory firm which focuses on hospitality real estate development, brand affiliation, feasibility, financing, standards of care, and hotel operations.  Mr. Free and the firm have been engaged for scores of assignments over the years in the United States and eighteen foreign nations.  Be sure to check out Ken Free’s expert witness profile for more information:

Expert Witness Profile for Kenneth Free

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