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New Reviews of Two Highly Rated Expert Witnesses

July 9, 2013

Dr. Gordon Rausser, an environmental remediation expert, and Dr. Mark Strassberg, a neurologist and psychiatrist, were recently reviewed on Courtroom Insight.  Both experts were rated 5.0 out of 5.0 in nearly every category including Command of Case Facts, Analytical Skills, Timeliness and Communication Skills.  Here’s a short preview of the reviews:

Review of environmental remediation expert, Dr. Gordon Rausser

OnPoint Analytics, Inc., Emeryville, CA

Dr. Rausser had a strong grasp of the case facts and was able to quickly adapt his analyses to new information presented at trial.

…his professorial attitude in court worked quite effectively in this bench trial.

Review of psychiatrist and neurologist, Dr. Mark H. Strassberg

Mark H. Strassberg, M.D., San Francisco, CA

Dr. Strassberg has an ability to quickly sum up a plaintiff’s psychiatric disorder(s) for the jury, and explain why other diagnoses do not apply.

His is one of the smartest experts I have ever had the pleasure of working with in trial.

Visit Courtroom Insight for more information on these (and many more) Expert Witnesses and Litigation Consultants.

Courtroom Insight encourages expert witnesses to acknowledge their peers who have performed well in litigation related matters.  To share one of your legal experiences, simply create an account at  Each review of an expert witness, mediator, arbitrator or judge takes less than 3 minutes and can be submitted anonymously.

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