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Featured Expert Witness for Language Issues

September 3, 2013


Name: Dr. Michael O’Laughlin

Company: Dr. Michael O’Laughlin, Expert Witness for Language Issues

Location: Carlisle, MA

Specialty: Police procedures and law enforcement


Expert witness profile description provided by Dr. O’Laughlin:

Consulted on over 100 criminal cases involving immigrants, issues of culture, religion, language, interpretation, foreign words, transcription, police interrogations and procedure, DWI, Miranda, etc.

Dr. O’Laughlin is listed in Courtroom Insight’s expert witness directory as a language issue expert.  He has worked in the court system as a certified court interpreter, and is the director of the Boston University Interpreter Training Program.  Dr. O’Laughlin is a Harvard and Oxford graduate, who is now offering his services as an Expert in Language Issues.  He specializes in:

  • Interpreter Qualifications and Ethics
  • Translation Checking and Verification
  • Limited English Proficiency Testing
  • Miranda Warning Issues
  • Equal Protection and Due Process Questions
  • Literacy Testing
  • Foreign Cultures and Languages
  • Foreign Word Studies
  • Immigrant Acculturation and Second Language Acquisition
  • National Standards and Civil Rights Regarding Immigrant Populations

Be sure to check out Dr. O’Laughlin’s expert witness profile for more information:

Expert Witness Profile for Dr. Michael O’Laughlin

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