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5 Disrupting Forces Shaping the Legal Landscape

July 17, 2015

The recent Legaltech West Coast panel “Disruption: Five Forces Shaping the Legal Landscape has got people talking. The following were the highlights of this discussion:

  1. E-discovery – we can walk around the vendor circle and quickly note that E-discovery has become the biggest thing to hit the legal industry. However, this panel focused on the role of people in E-discovery. Clients are seizing control of the process and hiring dedicated teams solely for E-discovery. Now it’s not just about keeping the firm happy, but also making sure the client’s standards are met as well.
  2. No surprise that this disruption also concerns E-discovery, however, the second point is about the ever-changing technology. The way that data is collected is evolving and there’s got to be a point when you decide how much information is too much. Data has to be complete, but “relevant and proportional” at the same time.
  3. Another major disruption comes in the form of education, technology and attorneys. Federal rules now state that an attorney is held responsible for being “familiar with the dangers and the benefits with technology”. This issue has trickled down to law schools who must now integrate e-discovery and technology into all courses and curriculum.
  4. Money and form of payment has caused quite a disruption in recent years. Clients have their own ideas about pricing and firms need to adjust.
  5. Globalization of industries has given law firms a wider scope of issues to consider. Different languages, views, foreign laws and technology all play a role in a case and all factors must be dealt with.

For more information, visit Legaltech News.

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