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Daubert Bill Brought to Missouri Committee

January 29, 2016

Missouri Senator Mike Parson’s bill, SB 591, was brought to the committee yesterday. The bill “would provide the same high standards for trial evidence that is required in federal courts and many other states. Called the ‘Daubert standard,’ it ensures that only evidence deemed relevant, reliable and provided by qualified individuals will be admitted as expert testimony.”

The general counsel for the Missouri Chamber of Commerce testified, joining the Associated Industries of Missouri, in support of the bill. The argument is that currently judges are using an outdated law, one made in 1923, to decide whether to admit an expert’s testimony. The current law has been replaced in most states, making it clear that Missouri needs to make a change.

Expert witnesses are very integral to the outcome of the trial and under Daubert, the judge is given a significant role in deciding if the expert meets the standards needed to testify.

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