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LexisNexis and Ravel Law will offer new level of analytics to legal community

June 16, 2017

On June 8th, LexisNexis announced the acquisition of Ravel Law, based in San Francisco.  Ravel Law provides research tools, legal analytics and data services allowing users to “contextualize and interpret large amounts of legal information to uncover valuable insights”, according to Bob Ambrogi, of Law Sites.

According to Ambrogi, “Ravel Law’s analytics offerings will continue to expand and be fully integrated into Lexis Litigation Profile Suite, delivering new insights around judicial behavior that complement the product’s current expert witness intelligence” after the merger.  He also notes “Ravel Law’s case law data visualization tool will be integrated into Lexis Advance, expanding the platform’s current visualization offerings.”

With its acquisitions of both Ravel Law and Lex Machina, LexisNexis is now at the forefront of the movement to integrate technology and artificial intelligence to assist the legal community in their research and library needs.

Courtroom Insight recognizes the value of integrated data and analytics to assist legal professionals make informed decisions.  Our partnerships with leading research organizations allow us to provide our clients with the most up to date information and research tools.  Additionally, we continue to enhance our technology as evidenced by this month’s release of automated OCR and real-time indexing for all documents uploaded to our platform.  In addition, we are working diligently on greatly enhanced search capabilities and powerful new expert witness analytics for our upcoming Fall software release.

For more details on this merger read the full article by Ambrogi.

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