Courtroom Insight Launches its Comprehensive Lawyer Directory

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Courtroom Insight launched its comprehensive Lawyer Directory. This unique, specialized offering expands on Courtroom Insight’s existing model for delivering legal professional insights by aggregating private internal data, dynamically updated proprietary data, and integrated partner content into one centralized platform.
Customers may now leverage dynamically updated lawyer data, such as detailed educational backgrounds, work histories (including clerkships), admissions, subject matter expertise, and self-reported diversity information. For enhanced functionality, clients may layer Courtroom Insight’s proprietary data with integrated content from partner providers, including case histories from LexisNexis and Docket Alarm. This comprehensive Lawyer Directory enables law firms to enhance multiple organizational functions, including alumni tracking, business development, experience management, and research.
Courtroom Insight CEO, Mark Torchiana, stated “For years, clients have been asking us to build an authoritative lawyer directory. Our new solution fits seamlessly into our existing mission of creating an authoritative resource for all people in legal by aggregating critical data and automatically identifying individuals’ connections to lawyers and organizations. We are excited to deliver this important new dataset and functionality.”
Keli Whitnell, Director of Firm Intelligence at Troutman Pepper, explained why her firm signed up for the Lawyer Directory’s early access. “Accurate attorney data plays a pivotal role in driving numerous strategic initiatives, spanning from business development and experience management to alumni tracking and recruitment. Courtroom Insight’s capability to provide this crucial information through their platform significantly influenced our decision to invest in their solution. We are particularly grateful for their collaborative approach, tailoring specific data fields, filters, and other customizations to align with our data needs. Troutman Pepper is proud to be the first firm to integrate Courtroom Insight’s adjudicator directory into Litera Foundation Firm Intelligence and prioritizes further enhancing our data ecosystem with the new lawyer directory in 2024.”
Adam Pollet, a Securities Enforcement and Litigation Partner at Eversheds Sutherland, explained his firm’s rationale for making the purchase. “I’ve wanted a tool like this for years. Access to dynamically updated lawyer data is a differentiating business development tool for my practice. Combined with its comprehensive arbitrator and expert database, Courtroom Insight provides our firm with the ability to provide superior risk management and litigation services to our clients.”

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