Courtroom Insight Announces the Launch of its Matter Connector

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Unique Service Normalizes, Enriches, and Connects Dockets Data for Legal Organizations

SAN RAMON, CA, April 29, 2024, Courtroom Insight today announced the launch of its Matter Connector which normalizes dockets data from disparate sources. The Matter Connector enables law firms to easily facilitate data enrichment activities within Foundation Firm Intelligence and other software systems.

Courtroom Insight’s Matter Connector empowers customers to take advantage of advanced AI technology through embedded natural language processing and machine learning capabilities. It also enables organizations to centralize dockets data from leading resource providers, such as LexisNexis, Lex Machina, and vLex Docket Alarm, through one unified connector.

Using unique identifiers, users can ensure that data and insights are accurate and compliant with Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry Alliance (“SALI”) standards. Moreover, by leveraging Courtroom Insight’s Matter Connector integration, legal organizations may link judges, lawyers, experts, and neutrals to unique Courtroom Insight identifiers for greater data normalization and mapping functionalities.

Carrie Remhof, Senior Firm Intelligence Manager at Troutman Pepper, stated “We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Courtroom Insight and Foundation at the inaugural Troutman Pepper Groundbreakers Summit this June. This partnership led to the creation of the Matter Connector, an innovative tool that seamlessly integrates public docket data with our internal systems. This groundbreaking solution addresses a long-standing industry challenge and highlights our dedication to harnessing enhanced data for insightful decision-making. The Matter Connector not only optimizes our processes but also places us at the cutting edge of firm intelligence, shaping the future of legal practice.”

Max Polinski, Product Manager for Foundation at Litera, commented “Foundation enables firms to bring together disparate data to a centralized location. It has been a pleasure collaborating with this group of innovators to further cement Foundation as a firm’s single source of truth. Troutman’s deep product knowledge and Courtroom Insight’s responsiveness and agnostic approach to working with various data partners provides us with a roadmap for building successful vendor partnerships.”

Courtroom Insight CEO, Mark Torchiana, added “The opportunity to normalize legal data and insights from multiple data sources is a game changer for legal organizations. With our Matter Connector, Courtroom Insight ensures that clients are accessing and working with accurate and reliable data—which is essential for research, case preparation, and legal strategy. We are excited to deliver this critical tool.”

For more information about the CI Matter Connector, visit: https://www.courtroominsight.com/products/ci-matter-connector

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