How The CI Matter Connector Benefits Your Law Firm

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Our clients have expressed an interest in ingesting external dockets data to supplement internal information. However, many docket providers lack the resources to build connectors into their clients’ systems. Similarly, firms often lack the necessary IT resources to build and manage connections themselves. Common issues prohibiting successful connections are data schema changes, throttle limits, and service interruptions. Consequently, we’ve partnered with Troutman Pepper to develop a tool that matches external dockets data to a firm’s internal matter management system, such as Litera Foundation Firm Intelligence Software. As a result of these discussions, we’re proud to announce: the CI Matter Connector.

This service leverages ML technology supplemented by human review to seamlessly match external dockets data to internal client/matter information. Clients may select which data fields to import into Foundation and/or other internal systems. The system proactively monitors the chosen dockets data for new client cases.

In addition to facilitating data connection and import, there are four critical advantages to the Courtroom Insight service:

  1. Minimized Labor Involvement: We use client credentials to access data from one or more data providers. Our team of developers troubleshoots any API or software issues and resolves them without the need to involve your law firm’s IT support.
    1. Critical Partner Integrations: We are a trusted partner for several different data providers, which means that clients may import different sources of information using a single connector. Some of our key partners include LexisNexis and Docket Alarm, among others. Check out our full list of partners on our website.
    1. Cost Savings: If a client decides to change providers, there are no additional costs for switching providers since our same uniform CI Matter Connector is already in place. As our technology evolves, we will implement tools to normalize and de-dupe data feeds, providing an even cleaner and more comprehensive data feed.
    1. Unique Identifiers: Matter data is enriched through comprehensive tagging of each lawyer, judge, expert witness and neutral with unique CI Identifiers. This allows users within Foundation and other internal systems to easily reference and link out to integrated content about the legal professionals involved in each matter.

With our CI Directory and CI Matter Connector, Courtroom Insight offers unique advantages for integrating legal information within and between different software platforms. Learn more about our Matter Connector here and view a video demonstration of our new matter connector below:

But we’re not the only ones excited for the CI Matter Connector’s launch! Check out what legal technology journalist, Robert Ambrogi, is saying about our new service here.

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